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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider トゥームレイダー تومب رايدر
صور ومعلومات عن مغامرة لارا كروفت الجديدة

new pics and info about Lara croft new adventure 

Poster بوستر

some pics in bigger size بعض الصور بحجم اكبر

Thanks to tampi  @TRFs

Poster without the logo and writing البوستر بدون كتابه
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Thanks to MyRaider4Life @TRF

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends Remix

اريد اشاركم بهالفيديو الابداع الي عملته صديقتي الحبوبه كريستينا
شغلها روعه في الدمج
لارا كروفت من تومب رايدر , وكريس ريدفيلد من ريزيدنت ايفل
I would like to sure with you all those very creative videos which was made by my lovely friend Christina she did an amazing works
Lara Croft, Tomb Raider & Chris Redfield , Resident Evil


لاتنسى تشوف الفيديوات الثانية
don't forget to check the other 2 videos

Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day
All Answers Revealed

وتشوف بعد صفحتها لمزيد من الاعمال المبدعه
and her page for more creative works

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ayu-mi-x 7

『ayu-mi-x 7 -version HOUSE-』

01. TO BE (Jonathan Peters Club mix)
02. Dearest (Razor 'N Guido Club mix)
03. For My Dear... (HOUSE NATION remix)
04. Mirrorcle World (Johnny Vicious Club mix)
05. fairyland (Hex Hector remix)
06. No way to say (Sugiurumn remix)
07. appears (Shinichi Osawa remix)
08. Bold & Delicious (Dub's Standard House remix)
09. Voyage (TURBO's Circuit mix)
10. M (Remo-con remix)
11. UNITE! (EK's Big Room remix)
12. crossroad (Johnny Vicious Club mix)
13. Virgin Road (FPM EVERLUST mix)

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『ayu-mi-x 7 -version Acoustic Orchestra-』

01. WHATEVER (Arranged by CMJK)
02. HANABI (Arranged by Shingo Kobayashi)
03. Moments (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
04. kanariya (Arranged by Yuta Nakano)
05. HEAVEN (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
06. NEVER EVER (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
07. Trust (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
08. AUDIENCE (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
09. evolution (Arranged by Yuta Nakano)
10. BLUE BIRD (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
11. You were... (Arranged by CMJK)
12. forgiveness (Arranged by Shingo Kobayashi)
13. LOVE ~Destiny~ (Arranged by Nobuyuki Tsujii)

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『ayu-mi-x 7 presents ayu trance 4』

01.Far away (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended rmx)
02.MOON (Clokx remix)
03.SEASONS (John O'Callaghan remix)
04.Days (Aly & Fila remix) face (Ronald Van Gelderen Extended remix)
06.monochrome (Remo-con classic trance remix)
07.Rule (Public Domain remix)
08.vogue (Groove Coverage remix)
09.Endless sorrow (Dance Nation remix)
10.YOU (Ramon Zenker remix)
11.Greatful days (DJ JOKER vs. HEAVENS WiRE remix)
12.CAROLS (Push remix)

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『ayu-mi-x 7 presents ayu-ro mix 4』

01.STEP you (Morris Capaldi versus ayumi hamasaki rmx)
02.glitter (AKBK "DJ Command" remix)
03.SURREAL (DIMA EURO remix 2011)
04.Daybreak (Plum mix)
05.Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (accatino - rimonti - festari remix)
06.Fly high (THE CLOUD UPSTAIRS SCP version)
07.Boys & Girls (SUNNY DAY SCP version)
08.Startin' (EUROGROOVES 2011 rmx)
09.INSPIRE (AKBK "valle blanco" remix)
10.talkin' 2 myself (EUROGROOVES fashion mix)
11.Free & Easy (Plum mix)
12.Depend on you (EUROBEAT GoGo's remix)

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BONUS DISC:Non-Stop Mega Mix

01.vogue (Groove Coverage remix)
02.Far away (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended rmx)
03.SEASONS (John O'Callaghan remix)
04.STEP you (Morris Capaldi versus ayumi hamasaki rmx)
05.SURREAL (DIMA EURO remix 2011)
06.Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (accatino - rimonti - festari remix)
07.fairyland (Hex Hector remix)
08.TO BE (Jonathan Peters Club mix)
09.WHATEVER (Arranged by CMJK)
10.Trust (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
11.AUDIENCE (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
12.Depend on you (EUROBEAT GoGo's remix)
13.glitter (AKBK "DJ Command" remix)
14.monochrome (Remo-con classic trance remix)
15.MOON (Clokx remix)
16.crossroad (Johnny Vicious Club mix)
17.For My Dear... (HOUSE NATION remix)
18.Dearest (Razor 'N Guido Club mix)
19.HANABI (Arranged by Shingo Kobayashi)
20.Moments (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)

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Thanks to Aderianu @AHS

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rihanna Featuring Britney Spears !!!

هالاغنية ماتناسب صوت برتني
this song does not fit Britney's voice anyway enjoy

Rihanna - S&M Remix Featuring Britney Spears Mp3

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thalia News

تاليا حامل وتنتظر ولد
تشتغل على البومها القادم والي بيصدر على اخر السنه
وبتصدر كتابها الثالث : ينمو اقوى والي بيصدر في 4 اكتوبر 2011
Thalia is pregnant and waiting for a baby boy
she's working on her new album which will be released by the end of this year hopefully
she also releasing her third book Thalia : Growing Stronger on October 4, 2011

Pics credit : Marcos

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جي لو بتصدر نسخة محوده موقعه من البومها حب؟
هل هذي الطريقه الجديدة لبيع الالبومات ؟ اول شي ريانا وبعدين ايومي الحين جينيفر
JLo will be releasing an autographed edition of her new album Love?

is this the new way to sell the albums rihanna Ayumi and now Jennifer

Special LOVE? GLITTERATI Package Contains:
•AUTOGRAPHED LOVE? Cover Lithograph
•12" High Quality Colored Vinyl with 4 “On The Floor” Remixes
•3 Additional Frame Quality JLO Lithographs
•LOVE? Deluxe CD with BONUS tracks PLUS a JLO Poster
order it from اطلبه من
  here هني
Standard Edition:
1. On The Floor (Featuring Pitbull)
2. Good Hit
3. I’m Into You (Featuring Lil Wayne)
4. (What Is) LOVE?
5. Run The World
6. Papi
7. Until It Beats No More
8. One Love
9. Invading My Mind
10. Villain
11. Starting Over
12. Hypnotico **Bonus Track**
Deluxe Edition:
13. Everybody’s Girl
14. Charge Me Up
15. Take Care
16. On The Floor (Ven a Bailar) [Featuring Pitbull]

مارك والبيرج يأكد تمثيله لدور البطولة في فيلم انشارتد
Mark Wahlberg Confirms Starring Role in 'Uncharted' Movie

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hot Wings !! + Full album


Will.I.Am feat Jamie Foxx & Anne Hathaway - Hot Wings Mp3
from Rio Movie من فيلم ريو
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The SoundTrack الساوندتراك
1. REAL IN RIO - Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, Anne
2. Hathaway, George Lopez, & The Rio Singers
3. LET ME TAKE YOU TO RIO (BLU'S ARRIVAL) - Ester Dean & Carlinhos Brown
4. MAS QUE NADA (2011 RIO VERSION) - Sergio Mendes featuring Gracinha Leporace
5. HOT WINGS (I WANNA PARTY) -, Jamie Foxx and Anne Hathaway
6. PRETTY BIRD - Jemaine Clement
7. FLY LOVE - Jamie Foxx
9. FUNKY MONKEY - Siedah Garrett, Carlinhos Brown, Mikael Mutti & Davi Vieira
10. TAKE YOU TO RIO - Ester Dean
11. BALANCO CARIOCA - Mikael Mutti
12. SAPO CAI - Carlinhos Brown & Mikael Mutti
13. SAMBA DE ORLY* - Bebel Gilberto
14. VALSA CARIOCA* - Sergio Mendes
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