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Friday, May 9, 2008

Madonna Hard Candy

-__-;; اصدر الشهر الماضي واشتريته من اسبوع بس حصلت فرصه اسمع اليوم
ماحبيته ماحبيت الغلاف ولا الكتيب الي داخل بس حبيت اغنيتين نسختهم وحملتهم الكم ^__^ اتمنى يعجبونكم
وبيصدر في شهر 7 Give It 2 Me صورة فيديو

it was released last month I bought last week and get the chance to listen to it today -__-;; I don't like it very much I hate the cover and booklet inside but Love to songs that I Rip for you ^__^ Hope you love them too also so she finished filming the video Give It 2 Me will be released in July

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1. Candy Shop
2. 4 Minutes [Featuring Justin Timberlake And Timbaland]
3. Give It 2 Me
4. Heartbeat

5. Miles Away
6. She's Not Me
7. Incredible
8. Beat Goes On [Featuring Kanye West]
9. Dance 2night
10. Spanish Lesson
11. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
12. Voices

اليلفا هسيااو اصدرت اغنية جديدة من البومها القادم اسمعها
Elva Hsiao has new song from her upcoming album check it

اغلفت لاغنية كودا الجديدة بعنوان قمر
here is thecovers for Koda's new single MOON

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النيو لووك لتاليا
Thalia new look

اشياء وصلتني
بوستر كبييير لتاليا وواحد صغير ومجلتين
Thing I got
very HUGE poster for Thalia and small one with 2 magazines

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^O^كور بسكوت حبيت شكلهم وفكرت اخذلهم كم صوره
Biscuit balls I just love them so I thought to take some pics ^O^

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