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Friday, October 24, 2008

Tomb Raider Videos and info

motorcycle video

Tomb Raider Underworld video featuring Xibalba

Exclusive Special Limited Edition النسخة الخاصة المحدودة
For PS3 , XBOX , PC لـلـ
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- مقابلات لمدة 15 دقيقة
- 15 minute Beneath the Surface Video with exclusive interview footage

- موسيقى اللعبه
- 10 soundtracks from the game including previously unreleased music

- كل الدعايات
- All the trailers and videos released up until this point

- صور خاصة من اللعبه
- Art gallery; the best screens, concept art and all the promotional renders

- علبة مميزه
- Special pack artwork

هذي بعض المعلومات عن اغنية أيو الجديدة
here is some info about Ayu new single
بتصدر بنسختين
she will release 2 versionsof this single

1 Days/GREEN
2 GREEN/Days

صورة الفيديو لأغنية جررين في شنجهاي في الصين
الاغنية بتصدر في 17/12/2008
she already shoot the video for GREEN in Shaghai/China
the single will be release in 17/12/2008

01. Days -original mix-
02. GREEN -original mix-
03. Love ~destigny~ -10th Anniversary version-
04. Days -instrumental-
05. GREEN -instrumental-
06. Love ~destiny~ -instrumental-

01. Days -music clip-
02. GREEN -music clip-
03. Days -making of-

01. GREEN -original mix-
02. Days -original mix-
03. TO BE -10th Anniversary version-
04. GREEN -instrumental-
05. Days -instrumental-
06. TO BE -instrumental

01. GREEN -music clip-
02. Days -music clip-
03. GREEN -making of