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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ayu New Single

في 25/2/2009 Rule/Sparkle ايو بتصدر اغنيتها الجديدة
الاغنية بتحتوي على 3 نسخ
CD Only ver. 1 (with Days -acoustic version-), CD Only ver. 2 (with GREEN -acoustic version-) and CD+DVD
اكيد يعرفون كيف يطلعون الفلوس من عدنا -_- عن جد اريد اعرف كيف بتكون الاغلفة
بتكون اغنية النهاية لفيلم دراجون بول الجديد Rule اغنية

Ayu is planning to release her New single Rule/Sparkle on 25/2/2009 the Singel will have 3 versions: CD Only ver. 1 (with Days -acoustic version-), CD Only ver. 2 (with GREEN -acoustic version-) and CD+DVD
they sure know how to get the money -_- anyway I'm really looking forward for the covers

Rule will be the Dragon Ball Evolution movie theme song

CD ONLY ver.1
01. Rule
02. Sparkle
03. Days (Acoustic Version)
04. Rule (Remix)
05. Rule (Instrumental)
06. Sparkle (Instrumental)

CD ONLY ver.2
01. Rule
02. Sparkle
03. GREEN (Acoustic Version)
04. Rule (Remix)
05. Rule (Instrumental)
06. Sparkle (Instrumental)

01. Rule
02. Sparkle
03. Rule (Remix)
04. Rule (Instrumental)
05. Sparkle (Instrumental)
01. Rule (Music clip)
02. Rule (Making clip)

you can hear part of Sparkle here

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وكتاب صور للذكرى العاشرة في 10/3/2009 مع ديفيدي للنسخة المحدودة
and 10th Anniversary DOCUMENT BOOK in 10/3/2009 with a DVD for the limited edition

موقع اوتادا الرسمي تحدث بمعلومات عن موعد اصدار البومها الانجليزي الثاني
الالبوم بدون عنوان لحد الان بيصدر في 24/3/2009 في الولايات المتحدة و 4/3/2009 في اليابان
Utada’s official Japanese website has been updated with news regarding the release dates for her upcoming English language album. The as yet untitled album will be released domestically in the States on Tuesday March 24th, 2009, while a Japanese release of March 4th, 2009 has been confirmed
Source: U.Blog

بالاضافة الى كتابين بيصدرن في ربيع 2009 بيتكلمن عن الذكرى لمرور 10 سنوات في مهنة الغناء وحياتها الخاصة وزواجها وطلاقها بالاضافة الى صور واجزاء من مذكراتها
also she will release 2 official books that will be published in Spring of 2009, titled “Ten” (Point) and “Sen” (Line), to commemorate Utada’s 10 years in the music business. The titles of the books appear to reference the lyrics of “Deep River,” the title track of Utada’s 3rd Japanese language album
“Ten” consists of a long interview conducted by Utada’s long time official writer, Ms. Matsuura, focusing on everything from her marriage and divorce, to the joys and pain of writing music. “Sen” is a collection of Utada’s official blog/messages plus photographs taken on location by the same man who photographed her “First Love” album