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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jade Valerie

جييد فاليري بتصدر البومها الاول والكامل في 5/3/2008
شكلها غير واحلى صارت بعد ماتركت سويت بوكس
فنانه جيده وبصوت رووعه بس بدون حظ
المهم تقدر تستمع لبعض مقاطع البومها من

Jade Valerie gonna release her full first album in 5/3/2008
she look so different and more beautiful than time when she was with sweetbox
great singer great voice with NO LUCK
anyway you can listening to the previe of her album in this

1. Unbreakable (Moonlight Sonata)
2. Like a bird
3. Out in the sea
4. Razorman
5. Living by numbers
6. The Last
7. We can run
8. Stuck With You
9. Lucky Lady
10. Piece of Love
11. Always mine
12. Undone
13. No, you don't
14. Empty Pages