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Saturday, December 8, 2007

GUILTY & Kingdom


صور الاغلفه اكبر مع نظره على طريقة التصوير بالاضافة الى اسماء الاغاني
here is a bigger pics for the covers and the making off also the Tracklist

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01. Mirror
02. (don't) Leave me alone
03. talkin' 2 myself
04. decision
06. fated
07. Together When...
08. Marionette -prelude-
09. Marionette
10. The Judgement Day
11. glitter
12. MY ALL
13. reBiRTH
14. untitled ~for her~

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01. 距愛 ~Distance Love~
(glitter/fated) <short film>
02. talkin' 2 myself<video clip>
03. decision<video clip>
04. Together When...<video clip>
05. Marionette<video clip>
06. (don't) Leave me alone<video clip>
07. glitter<making clip>
08. fated<making clip>
09. talkin' 2 myself<making clip>
10. decision<making clip>
11. Together When...<making clip>
12. Marionette<making clip>
13. (don't) Leave me alone<making clip>

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Also ايضا

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مقاطع من الالبوم الجديد لكودا كومي المملكه
here is a preview of Koda kumi new album Kingdom

01. Introduction For Kingdom
02. LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki
03. Amai Wana
04. Himitsu
05. Ai No Uta
06. anytime
07. Under
08. BUT
09. Koi No Mahou
10. Aishou
11. Anata Ga Shite Kureta Koto
12. Wonderland
14. MORE
15. Black Cherry

click here اضغط

thanks to kumiworld for rip them

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