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Friday, December 7, 2007

Heavenly Sword السيف السماوي

صدفه شفت اللعبة وعجبتني وايد كنت افكر اشتري البلاي ستيشن 3 السنه اليايه يوم تنزل لعبة تومب رايدر 8 بس الحين افكر اخذها عشان ^_^ لعبة السيف السماوي
السيف السماوي قصة تحكي عن الانتقام , الشجاعه واكتشاف الذات
تعتقد القبيله ان محارب شجاع ارسل من الجنه لمحاربت الشر وعند انتهاء مهمته ورحيله يخلف ورائه سيف ذو قوه عجيبه فوراً يبدا القتال بين رجال القريه للحصول على هذا السيف لكن سرعان مايبداء الرجال في حماية السيف لاعتقادهم بان السماء سترسل الشخص المنتظر ليحمل هذا السيف وسيكون وريث الملك ومتى مايحصل ذلك سينتهي القتال من اجل هذا السلطه والقوه التي يحملها ذلك السيف لاكن امالهم انتهت عندما رزق الملك بفتاه ( ناريكو ) الان على ناريكو دفع الثمن وانقاذ شعبها والسيف من الشر

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I just came across to this game and it's really amazed me
I was thinking to buy the PS3 next year for tomb raider 8 but now I planning to buy it for the heavenly sword game too ^__^
heavenly sword is a tale of revenge, courage and self-discovery
the clan believes in a prophecy of a mighty warrior sent from the heavens with a godly blade (called the Heavenly Sword) to defend them from the ultimate evil When the warrior was finished with his task he left the blade behind on earth Many men were immediately drunken with the desire to wield its powerand murdered over its ownership. It was then that the clan ended theviolence and took on the dangerous undertaking of protecting the sword from such corruption.The clan believed that one day a predestined maleheir would be born and reclaim the sword as its rightful owner.Once this happened, peace and tranquility would return to theland and none would fight over the sword anymore Their hopes were dashed however when the prophecy was nullified as Shen's wife produced not a male child but rather a female child (Nariko)
now Nariko must pay for that and protect the Heavenly Sword and her clan from the evil

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